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As more and more companies increase their vendor service requirements, it has become difficult for our clients to be in compliance. 4c Logistics provides the solution and service to meet your customers’ requirements. Our mission is to utilize our knowledge and resources to provide our clients with a solution which meets their expectations of quality, service and cost.

Quality is a distinguishing characteristic that defines a person and a business. 4c Logistics believes it is essential to first employ quality individuals and through quality individuals provide quality service. 4c Logistics accomplishes this through first understanding our customer’s requirements. We then determine the process in which we can meet those requirements, without compromise and in the most time/cost effective manner. Upon defining the process we implement our plan. After implementation we continue to monitor and measure the results for quality and productivity. It does not end there, as we believe in applying a continuous improvement approach to our clients’ needs and believe that excellence is something that is only achieved by always improving the process.

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120,000 square feet warehouse space.

Inventory Control

We provide inventory management to include customer access of up to the minute visibility of on-hand inventory.

Light Assembly

4c Logistics provides a location in which manufacturer and supplier shipments can be positioned for final assembly and preparation for shipment to customer.

Order Fulfillment

4c Logistics has the systems to pick, pack and ship products to your customer on-time and in compliance with your customer’s expectations.

Reverse Logistics

Returns have always been a concern and inconvenience to any business, especially in an e-business world. Allow 4C to manage your returns.


(Electronic Data Interchange) Let 4c Logistics help you understand and use a system that allows you to conduct business transactions online.